Acoustic Coffeehouse

The Acoustic Coffeehouse series focuses on acoustic singer/songwriter, a capella, and instrumental music. The next season will offer visual arts exhibitions by selected Lewisville and area artists. The ACH has been held at the Lewisville Community Center from the first series until January 2005. Due to the increase in usage of the Community Center and changes in rules and regulations we had to look for a new location, sponsor company or individual that might be interested hosting the location and/or the series. We found a location in 2007. Events were held at Woodland Moth Studio in the arts district of downtown Winston-Salem from 2007-January 2012. Groups AND visual artists who would like to play or exhibit can send kits to: The LAAC - PO Box 472 - Lewisville, NC 27023. We will update this page when information becomes available.

A permanent location for a possible venue called "The Cardinal Cafe" is a possibility. The project will include a cafe menu, a live music venue and boutique art/craft items. Interested in becoming part of a future project? Drop us a line via e-mail.

Upcoming Acoustic Coffeehouse Dates

The next ACH dates will correspond with the opening of the Cardinal Cafe

Want to play or exhibit your work at the ACH? E-Mail the LAAC at