Impressionist artwork by Gene Hege

Gene Hege is an impressionist artist, whose works hang in public and private collections throughout the United States and abroad. Working in a style comparable to that of Monet, Gene Hege's philosophy on art was simply that

"a painting should be something... joyful... even pretty. There are sufficient bothersome things in life so that we need not create others."

Hege's art is a celebration of the joyful things in life...and include floral works...landscapes...portraits of light and color...and the interaction and ultimately the interpretation that exists between the artist and his subject matter...the natural world.

Hege, who was a life long resident of Lewisville, NC, was commissioned in 1996 to create a painting for the Lewisville Area Arts Council's first in a series of limited edition prints containing a small run of 1000 total pieces per work. Hege's painting BRIGHTLIFE, a floral landscape now been reproduced by the LAAC as an art print and made available in a run of 1000 total prints.

"BRIGHTLIFE" measures 24"x28" and is printed in full color on fine quality paper. The print can be framed as a painting - or as a poster by including the graphics which are done in Optima Typeface. There are a few very valuable prints that were signed by the aritist prior to his passing. Please drop us an e-mail if you would like to bid on one of twenty signed prints that remain.

You can purchase Gene Hege's "BRIGHTLIFE" (unsigned) for $30.00 (which includes shipping and handling!)Add to Cart View Shopping Cart  /  Checkout

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