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Live on the Lawn from Lewisville, NC!!

We hope you will enjoy some of the photos from the 1997 Lewisville Lawn Party (TORKFEST aka the JL STANLEY STEAMER!)

The Two Man Band are now the official favorite band of "Lewisville( NC),"cultural hub of NC, the real center of the Triad, left of center, all that's left of the center" to quote our favorite guests.

Included are the Brass Bed Co., of Winston-Salem's reenactment of a scene from "that group's" TV program. Along for the ride are a few members of the Purple Flower Gang, including Shane Worden all the way from Oshkosh, WI in his command performance as "PseudoTork." (Shane learned that even a fake Tork attracts ladies and adds that he had a really "awful" time, but someone had to do it! We feel sooo sorry for Shane!) Also pictured are: the Harlequins Dance Troupe performing (with mismatched socks) to "For Pete's Sake,"photos of the real Mr.Peter Tork on grand piano, his Guild guitar and banjo, the also lovely Mr.James Lee Stanley, fans at the autograph session, Peter and James with Miss Lewisville 1997- Janice Henson, the Queen's Court Members- Sharon Morris and Maggie Nealans along with Premiere Sponsor Jewelry 3's Barry Thorpe, the backstage reception/press party and a few inside shots from the stage.

Photos by Hawkins Photography Studios of Lewisville, Cindy Bryant and Marsha(Marsha, Marsha)Hierl.

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Here they come, walking down the street, with a big brass bed, and Shane under the sheets! Shane is wearing his PseudoTork mask, pajamas and hat. The owners of the Brass Bed Co. in Winston-Salem, NC followed in a truck and threw love beads to the crowd lining the parade route. (They were actually bodyguards in disguise- even a PseudoTork gets attention.)
James and Peter in the garden tent where the backstage reception/press party was held. The "pajama monkee" was from the Purple Flower Gang, one of the fan clubs for "those guys from that group." The PFG has headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa. Their fearless leader aka "the big (wo)man" Cindy Bryant, drove down for the occasion.

The priceless Mr. James Lee Stanley checking out his hair. On his right is the equally priceless and lovely Mr. Peter Tork.
Peter, James Lee, Miss Lewisville- Janice Henson and Queen's Court Members Sharon and Maggie with the manager of the Jewelry 3 store in Winston-Salem, Barry Thorpe. Jewelry 3 was the Premiere sponsor of the 1997 festival.
Peter at the Grand Piano (Bach, Daydream Believer,Good Looker - with the Tork in the title role)

Another photo of Peter on the Grand Kawai.
Mr. James Lee Stanley weaving magic melodies. James Lee was welcomed back to North Carolina and to the warm weather he loves, by all his "cousins" in Lewisville. The real Stanley cousins live nearby in Charlotte. James Lee could have found a few "kissing cousins" as we say here in the South, but as the (one-half) Southern gentleman that he is, declined, saving those for his lovely wife.
Peter during the set break signing, smiling at the "products desk where we will sell you everything we can for as much money as we can get out of you cause that's the kind of guys we are!!!"

Mr. Tork joins Mr. Stanley in a toast to the crowd in Lewisville.

"Lovey Dovey", "Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher" "Cukoo" and a song for his friend, Hillary.

He gave us a smile, with a dimple. Here is the real man behind the beautiful clown we all remember from "that TV show." AND Mr. Peter Tork is one of the best musicians around. Period.( We gave him Jewelry 3's "groovy button." "What does it say?" I am Loved. And he is.)

The Harlequins Dance Troupe performing to "For Pete's Sake" prior to the Two Man Band Performance. The troupe is composed of young ladies 14 to 16 years old who specialize in line work ( Rockette style dancing.) Note the mismatched socks.
The Harlequins Dance Troupe's Megan, Abbey, Blair, Laura, Leslie, Lacy, Kristin and Amber masked.

"Is the choir ready? Particular attention paid to the choir." The choir in a side stage back up for Mr. Tork's banjo blues version of "Higher and Higher."

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Torkfest visit number since July 1, 1997!!
Montage apres la musique : a montage of photos from the festival.

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"Love is understanding" - Peter Tork

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