Piedmont Medieval / F A N T A S Y Faire Vendor Application

You are hereby invited to participate in the 3st biannual Piedmont Medieval / F A N T A S Y Faire to be held a weekend in November 2011 -

All vendors:
2 PM until 8:00 PM Saturday
2 PM until 5 PM on Sunday concluding with the Piedmont Medieval Fantasy Faire BANQUET to begin at 5:30 PM.

Vendor stall applications are being accepted by the following:

The High Arts Council of the LAAC will be accepting fees for stall spaces to be occupied by coopers, chandlers, tailors, bakers, smiths, shoe cobblers, scribes, armorers, masters of graphics, wood, clay, pastels, fiber, mixed media, painting, glass, stone, metal.

Each vendor will be assigned a 10'x10'stall (space) to display his wares. Tents must be 10'x 10' or less and resistant to fire. (The masters of EZ-Up Tents assure us that their tents meet the code of the high fire marshall.

The High Arts Council does NOT provide tables, tents, chairs, set up, take down, staff or electricity (what is that?). Please guard your wares and valuables against pick pockets and theives.

Set up will be allowed on two dates. Friday, TBA 2011 between the hours of NOON until 5 PM, or Saturday, November TBA, 2011 beginning at NOON. Set up must be completed & vehicles moved to a designated parking area by 1:00 PM.

All vendors are encouraged to dress and act according to fashion of the day - be ye a tailor, commoner, scribe, princess, elf, duke, jester, prince, knight, ranger, gnome, hobbit, faeiry or other such person or being. The good use of the King's English shall be appreciated and encouraged.

The official fund raisers for The Piedmont Medieval Faire are: The Queen of Love and Beauty's Soft Drinks (Pepsi Products), NO DRINK or T - SHIRT SALES will be allowed by anyone other than the High Arts Council. Failure to comply with this rule will result in participant being asked to remove the said items or be evicted by the High Sheriff.

Stall appointments will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Stall wares MUST be of the types described in the preceeding paragraphs. Booth fees received by August 31, 2011 receive the a FREE space!
Beginning September 1st, 2010 ALL booths are $30.00! No exceptions!

Stalls will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Letters postmarked by August 31, 2011 will receive a ONE time only GRATIS space per 10x10 space. Beginning September 1st ALL spaces are $30.00 each. Everyone shall be in this together and take the same risk due to weather ect. Taxes (bills) must be paid regardless of the weather. Last minute vendors cause unnecessary work and making things hard on the all volunteer staff that has earned respect through dedication, hard work and decades of service. IF you are NOT registered in advance of the faire, PLEASE do not expect to show up with money in hand. We love our staff and want them to enjoy working the faire!

IF you have goods that you think we might need - OR - will supply SERVICE or VOLUNTEERS for the faire - let us know - a barter could be struck - Maybe!

Lewisville Medieval Faire - Registration

Print out this page and send the registration portion in with you check or money order in the required amount to: LAAC - PO Box 472 - Lewisville, NC 27023. PLEASE send your check in as soon as you apply on-line for your booth. If we do not receive your check within 4 business days of your on-line application, we will consider your on-line application void.

Print out and Mail the following signed statement with your check or money orders to: PO Box 472 Lewisville, NC 27023

Piedmont Medieval / Fantasy Faire - Vendor Application

I, the undersigned, do hereby agree to abide by the rules as set up in the prospectus by the LAAC to govern the Piedmont Medieval Fantasy Faire.
I will receive no electrical service or power. If I use a tent, it will be fire retardant (EZ UP tents are fine). I understand that I am responsible for my own State sales tax, as well as any loss, theft or damage to my own personal property and/or injury caused to or by my employees, volunteers, merchandise, weather and/or display units. I will not sell (or give away) screened T-shirts, drinks or food at my display. I understand that there will be no refunds due to weather, sales or acts of God. I further agree not to hold The LAAC or Bucked Up Super Saloon (the host site) liable for any reason including those stated above.

Signature of applicant/title.

Please PRINT out the above FORM - SIGN your name, ADDRESS an envelope to Medieval / Fantasy Faire - PO BOX 472 - Lewisville, NC 27023, ENCLOSE your CHECK and MAIL to The LAAC prior to October 15, 2011