(2002 and 2003 at The Shallowford Square in Lewisville, NC - This is an archival page of the event)

Once upon a time...during three days of the year...the entrance to the Shire of Lewis can be found on a hill nestled inside of great Oak trees. The Shire is ruled by the Lord High Sheriff of Lewis and the King's enchantress, the High Priestess of the Shire. Oftentimes one can see the slightly eccentric Princess Gracie dancing with her dragon, Harry, and the peasant children of the Shire. There are also dancing gypsies and merchants, and Tweedy, the palm redder. His Majesty, King Rolland of Lewis often is seen with his favorite serving wench, Dolly.

Lord Donaldson of Donaldton defends himself against the wiles of the High Priestess of the Shire of Lewis, as King Rolland and Lord Forsythe, the High Sheriff look on

Princess Gracie and GrandmaGee

The gypsies entice the marketplace with their dancing while Princess Gracie dances with her dragon, Harry and the peasant children of the Shire

(R to L) Gracie's Merry Man, Sir Peter Clemmons, Sir Peter Pfaff, Lord Todd Donaldson, the King's Herald, Tweedie, the Palm Redder, the Priest, King Rolland, Princess Gracie and a child of the Shire

The High Priestess of The Shire, Dolly aka The King's Personal Serving Wench, The Priest of the Shire and the Bubble Fairy pose for a portrait...

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