Star Bricks

on the Lewisville Lawn Party "Walk of Fame"
Presentation for

Mr. Peter Tork &
Mr. James Lee Stanley

Saturday, May 22, 1999 - Shallowford Square - Lewisville, NC

The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc., is pleased to present Mr. Peter Tork and Mr. James Lee Stanley with the first "star bricks" that have been installed in the Shallowford Square Park and Pavilion in Lewisville, North Carolina. The bricks are in the LAAC's new area that has been designated only for headline entertainers for the Lewisville Lawn Party.

The decision to create this tribute was fan generated. Several Lewisville residents, who are fans of yours, asked if we could "give the guys a brick at the Square." The LAAC looked into the possibility of making such a tribute and found that it was not possible to have the bricks manufactured in time for the 1999 Lewisville Lawn Party due to the fact that only orders of 50 or more bricks are necessary. The town only had 12 bricks on the waiting list. The LAAC's Executive Director decided to go to the source and see if it might be possible to get the two bricks straight from the manufacturer. A phone call was made. Renee Lawson of Pine Hall Brick took the call. After having the situation explained, Ms. Lawson inquired WHOSE names would go on the bricks. Ms. Lawson was told that the bricks were for Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley. Fortunately for the LAAC, Ms. Lawson was a fan. Not only could she have the two bricks special ordered, the LAAC could get STARS on them and have them fired and delivered in time for the Lawn Party on May 22. The LAAC was thrilled.

The next order of business was raising the funds to have the bricks fired as well as the fee that is required to have a brick paver installed in the Shallowford Square. (As an informational point, brick pavers are one of the ways that the Town of Lewisville has raised the more than one million dollars needed to construct Shallowford Square.) It was decided by the LAAC that in order to have a brick added to the "Lawn Party Walk of Fame," the "Star" to be honored must have a fan base willing to pay for the tribute by making donations in the name of the honoree. The fan donations had to cover the cost of having the bricks fired, as well as the fee required by the Shallowford Square for commemorative brick installations.

The fans were notified by way of US mail, e-mail and press releases. The money started coming in from various areas of the US. In just a few days - the FANS donated the entire amount necessary.
The bricks were mailed to Renee at Pine Hall Brick and were picked up by Marilyn of the LAAC who took them directly to the Town Hall in Lewisville. John Whitson, Town Manager for the Town of Lewisville then ordered the special tool that allows the bricks to be set into the square. The bricks were installed on Friday, May 21, 1999. The unveiling was done during the 1999 Lewisville Lawn Party on Saturday, May 22, 1999 at approximately 9:30 PM in the presence of many of the fans whose contributions made the tribute possible.

There has also been a donation on behalf of the LAAC for the brick carrying the words "Lawn Party Celebration" that centers the LAAC's new section in the Square. A designated number of blank bricks have now been reserved for the LAAC surrounding the new bricks for the Lawn Party - Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley. Until the fan base again decides to honor another Lawn Party entertainer, these 3 bricks shall stand alone as a tribute to the impact that was made upon a little festival, in a little town, run by a small arts council that will not forget the presence of the two men who put them on the map. We are grateful. And we will always remember. And now, everyone who walks in the Shallowford Square will remember as well. You have graced us with your presence, your talent and the opportunity to work with two of the best the entertainment world has to offer. Thanks and love to both of you, from all of us.

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