A short history of The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc - The LAAC

The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc (The LAAC) was founded in 1991 after the successful incorporation of theTown of Lewisiville, NC. Many of The LAAC members had worked on the incorporation project by helping to stage the "The Lewisville Spring Festival" in May of 1991. This festival was the vehicle that helped to publicize the incorporation effort and was a grand success. Once the incorporation passed, many of the interim committee members ran for officers of the new town. The rest, with the blessing of the committee and a gift of the remaining $330, started The LAAC and renamed the festival, The Lewisville LAWN PARTY

The innaugral Lewisville Lawn Party was held on Saturday, May 16, 1992 on the Lewisville Elementary School and Lewisville Community Center grounds. Art, craft, country craft, business, non profit and food booths lined Lucy Lane and School Street. A children's area of games and activities and a line up of musical and other entertainment including contests to be judged by the new Mayor, Hank Chilton, completed the first festival. All the funding for the event was raised by The LAAC from corporate sponsors. A brochure of this first event can be seen and video can be seen Attendance was estimated by the sheriff's department at several thousand.

The Lawn Party continued to grow and attract new sponsors and programs. In 1993 Helzberg Diamonds, whose local store was one of their Jewelry 3 locations, gave the backing for new the Miss Lewisville Lawn Party program. The Lawn Party 1993-2003 highlights to follow - first MLLP in 93 The Lawn Party oh You Tube

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